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The ArtBiz Blog by Alyson Stanfield, ArtBiz Coach, “Good and Bad News: Your Work is Never Done,”
featured art, May 31, 2018




“I love how you think so deeply about your work and how you make others think. Interpretation becomes more meaningful.”
— B.T.

“Your work is as multifaceted in thought as it is in the varied materials, colors and layers used in them. I am intrigued.”
— A. M.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Sue Norton-Scott became a household name among collectors.”
— A. B.

“A great show! An artist with a brain.”
— L.B.

“I have so few opportunities to strike deep into my heart to explore through art what my person is, and your art really helps me to do that! I love it!”
— D. W.

“It’s so fun to sit around and share ideas regarding the meaning of your pieces and to discover ‘secret’ images and messages within the pieces.”
— J.W.

“They are so thought provoking and lend themselves easily to introspection. I can see how they can be interpreted differently by people according to their gender and life experiences.This art gives you something to think about even after you’re no longer in their midst.”
— K. N.