Good Intentions (detail)

About the Artist


Sue Norton-Scott is an artist always pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Her 3D mixed media art encourages viewers to think differently about contemporary topics. She enhances her painted images by adding 3D objects that physically break the piece’s frame, encouraging viewers to break their own boundaries and perceptions. Her art is never just “another pretty picture,” but is something that the viewer must think about to understand.

Discipline and feedback are critical ingredients of her creative process. While creating art, she solicits observations from others, then refines the most promising concepts until one is left with the depth and substance that her work demands. An energetic speaker at art organizations, Sue encourages other artists to venture outside their comfort zones.

Although Sue retired from thirty years of teaching in the Mesa Public Schools, she continues to teach every chance she gets. Whether instructing adults in Rio Salado College’s online Humanities classes, or motivating third graders in the Tempe Elementary School District, she inspires artistic growth. Tempe children are privileged and delighted with the mixed media workshop “Texture Wall” which Sue developed and teaches for their Studio Artist Program.

Recently, Norton-Scott collaborated with a research scientist to develop a piece of informational art for the “Phosphorus Sustainability Summit” at ASU. That work is now published in the 2013 book, “Phosphorus, Food and Our Future.”

Never ordinary, constantly pushing boundaries, Norton-Scott is always ready to embrace cutting-edge visual ideas.